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There's nothing quite like the beauty of hand-made, solid wooden furniture. This kind of furniture was made to last a lifetime, and can be tricky to find in New Zealand. So All Things French was born.


With the vision of bringing a mixture of antique and vintage furniture alongside quirky and interesting homewares, we hope there is something for everyone.

We wanted to share our passion for interesting statement pieces, which have a story to tell. For our furniture, it’s knowing you own a piece of European history which is beautifully handcrafted and made of oak, walnut or chestnut.

It’s about the delight you experience when a visitor walks into your house, sees a piece of furniture or decor and says, wow – where is that from? Then instantly go to touch it.

Sustainability played a part too, knowing that our products come from a region which doesn’t have human rights or deforestation issues. As well as being the ultimate in re-use as opposed to throw-away trends.

All Things French is currently only online, until the right retail space becomes available.

Happy shopping!

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