Vintage skis Rossignol Strato 102 (sold)
  • Vintage skis Rossignol Strato 102 (sold)

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    The Strato is one of Rossignol's 'iconic legendary' skis.  A fantastic piece of French history to display in any home, lodge or restaurant.


    History of the Strato:

    "Marketed from 1965 to 1975, the Strato was the first ski to exceed the figure of a million pairs sold. Its revolutionary structure combined fibreglass, a material originating from the aviation industry, with a wood core.

    Famous for its dynamic and punchy nature, the Strato literally set the skier free Brown leather straps. The Strato, like previous Rossignol skis, proved popular among world-class racers.  

    At the beginning of their career, in 1966, they soared to fame in the Portillo (Chile) world championships on the feet of Annie Famose, took several gold and silver medals at the Grenoble Olympics (1968) and in slalom events at the Sapporo Olympics (1972).
    Its distinguishing feature was the unique colour of its base: blue. A blue that stands out against the white of the snow, That blue, the “Strato blue”, can now be found in the linings of jackets, the insides of hoods, on zips, etc. Both a nod to the past and a genuine aspect of the brand’s DNA."  (


    Length: over 2m