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  • French Copper Saucepan A La Menagere Paris

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    A La Ménagère was one of three large popular department stores in Paris from the mid-late 1800's, which commissioned and sold custom copper cookware. Each of the three stores pots had their own distinct style.


    The distinctive style for A La Ménagère is the stamp on the handle and narrow-set rivets.


    This beautiful pan has so much patina, and is very heavy!


    Height: 12cm

    Diameter: 22cm


    "A La Ménagère

    This department store on the ground floor of the magnificent building at 20 Boulevard Bonne-Nouvelle was one of the grandest retail emporia in Paris from its inception in 1863 until it closed in 1930. It was not the first large retail store at that location but it was certainly the most successful."


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